“Tyrannosaurus Rex: Reconstructed” by HD/CG New York

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    Tyrannosaurus Rex: Reconstructed

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  • HD/CG New York


    After intensive study and research into dinosaur structure and movement, director Norieki Kaneko has created a surrealistic computer graphic image of a running Tyrannosaur. After fully developing the skeletal structure, the outer surface, including flesh and skin, was built around the bones. Based on this, one is able to observe not only the move- ment of the bone parts but the accurate movement of the muscles.


    HARDWARE: Silicon Graphics Power Series, Shima Seiki


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Meta Editor, Aleph, Kinetica, Hi Trace

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: HD/CG New York
    Contributors: Noriaki Kaneko, Motonori Sakakibara, Carol Hayden, Hiroyuki Miyoshi, Rob Zimmelman, Akira Miyoshi
    Copyright: HD/CG New York

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