“Tippett Studio Digital Human and Make Up Effects for “Blade 2”” by Torro

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    Tippett Studio Digital Human and Make Up Effects for “Blade 2”



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  • Tippett Studio


    Tippett Studio’s contribution to New Line Cinema’s Blade 2 exemplifies state-of-the-art CG work in digital human performance and make-up effects. In a number of shots, we recreated the star, Wesley Snipes, with a photo-realistic digital double to perform impossible jumps, moves, and actions while tracked by non-real-time camera movements. In the “vampire shots,” the separate arts of live performance, make-up prosthetics, and CG facial animations were blended to create a “horrifying” new vampire performance. Together, these two contributions enabled the filmmaker to expand his creative palette.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Wesley Snipes, Peter Frankfurt, Patrick Palmer
    VFX Supervisors: Blair Clark, Craig Hayes
    Lead Rotoscopter: Richard Markle
    VFX Editor: Sarah Schubart
    VFX Producer: Ed Irastorza
    Film I/O Manager: Vicki Wong
    Executive Producer: Jules Roman
    Head of Production: Alonzo Ruvalcaba
    Software Developers: Markus Burki, Qin Shen, Hwei-Li Tsao
    Production Supervisor: Athena Portillo
    CG Supervisor: Mark Fattibene
    Lead Character Animators: Tom Gibbons, Simon Allen
    Lighting Lead: Lloyd Bernberg
    Lead Compositors: Alan Boucek, Colin Epstein
    FX Animators: William Opdyke, Dan Rolinek
    Puppet Supervisor: Paul G. Thuriot
    CG Painting Supervisors: John McLaughlin, Wesley Burian
    Lead Modeler: Sven Jensen
    Match Move Supervisor: Chris Paizis

Animation / Video Overview: