“Three, The Pony” by Wilson

  • ©Dougal Wilson  Moving Picture Company



    Three, The Pony


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Moving Picture Company


    The pony’s bouncy moves were created using a photo-real CG digital double and extensive R&D to translate human movement to a horse. The film cuts seamlessly between CG and real-life footage. Fur was created using MPC’s “Furtility” tool, and environments were altered using compositing and matte painting.

Additional Contributors:

    Agency: W+K
    Production Company: Blink
    Creatives: Hollie Walker, Freddie Powell
    Agency Producer: Michelle Brough
    Production Company Producer: Ewen Brown
    Editing House: Trim
    Editor: Tom Lindsay
    Sound: Wave Studios
    VFX: MPC
    VFX Producers: Josh King, Sam Davidson
    VFX Coordinator: Steph Karim
    VFX Creative Director: Jake Mengers
    VFX Supervisor: Tom Harding
    VFX Team: Yousuke Matsuno, Graeme Eglin, Oliver Caiden, Vivekananthan R, Grant White, Alex Cernogorods Sundaramoorthy, S. Sugarmar, R. Sivakumar, R. Venkatesh, S. Rajesh, Arun Kumar, R.P. Silambarasan, R. Rajinikanth, C. Rajkumar, Ragesh Ramchandran, Vishal Kaushal, Jacob Oomen, Pinto Sasikumar, Dheeraj Hebbar, Adam Leary
    CG Supervisor: Carsten Keller
    CG Team: Fabian Frank, Christopher Antoniou, Grahame Curtis, Tom Rowell, Alberto Della Regina, Robert Hemmings, Tim Van Hussen, El Suliman, Dominic Edwards, Ted Lister, Michele Svaeren
    Grade: MPC
    Colorist: Jean-Clément Soret

Animation / Video Overview: