“The Lost Thing” by Ruhemann and Tan

  • ©Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan  Passion Pictures



    The Lost Thing


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Passion Pictures


    A boy finds a strange creature on a beach, and decides to find a home for it in a world where everyone believes there are far more important things to pay attention to.

Additional Contributors:

    Creator: Shaun Tan
    Producer: Sophie Byrne
    Production Company: Passion Pictures Australia
    Narration: Tim Minchin
    Animation: Leo Baker
    Lead 2D/CG Artist & CG Supervisor: Tom Bryant
    Composer: Michael Yezerski
    Sound Designer: John Kassab
    Storyboarding: Shaun Tan
    Pre-Visualization: Leo Baker
    Production Design & Art Direction: Shaun Tan
    Modeling, Texture & Lighting Lead: Tom Bryant
    Rigging: Leo Baker
    Secondary Rigging: Phil Jennings
    Halo Pictures Lighting & Compositing: Tom Bryant, Steve Evans, Leo Baker
    Supervising Sound Editor: John Kassab
    Foley Artist/Sound Editor: Adrian Medhurst
    Foley Engineer/Sound Editor: Daniel Varricchio
    Sound Effects Recordist: Bart Bee
    Script/Storyboard Editor: Polly Watkins
    Offline Editing: Leo Baker, Jamie Foord
    Legal Advisor: Julia Adams Shiff & Company
    Post Production Mix Facility: Music and Effects
    Facility Liason: Cassie Barlee
    Mixer: Doron Kipen
    Narration Recordist: Brendan Croxon & Pepper Post (UK)
    Guitarist: Damian de Boos-Smith
    Post Production: Digital Pictures
    Head of Post Production: Rachel Knowles
    Post Production Producer: Carol Johnston
    Colorist: Brett Manson
    Online Editing & Mastering: Eugene Phillips, George Awburn
    Early Development Passion Pictures UK: Bart Boirot, Antoine Moulineau, Chris Knott, Jamie Foord, Sharon Smith, Emma Phillips
    Special Thanks: The Foundry, Rising Sun Research, Adobe Creative Suite, Kevan O Brian, Jill Bilcock, Geoff Clowe, Halo Pictures, Martin Wiseman, Gypsy Taylor, Nick Batzias, Richard Brennan, Mike Cowap, Sian Rees, Kim Strobl, Yolande Clerke
    Distribution: Madman Entertainment

Animation / Video Overview: