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Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Dexter Studios


    A retired Kung Fu master receives a janitor robot from his son. After refusing at first, he realizes there is something special about this robot, which does more than just take out the trash.

Additional Contributors:

    Executive Producers: Hwafree Kim, Luke Jung
    Based on a Concept by HyeJin Jang
    First Assistant Director: Youngsuk Park
    Production Coordinator: Sanghean Park
    Production Assistant: Sangbum Han
    Director of Photography: Jintaek Choe
    B Camera Operator: Dohun Jang
    Gaffer: Sukhwan Lee
    Best Boy Electric: Minchil Kwon
    Company Electric: Seonghun Ma, Myunghoon Park, Sangryul Lee, Byungmun Yoo, Jooseung Kim
    Key Grip: Soontae Kim
    Company Grip: Hyosung Kim
    Data Team Leader: Byungju Oh
    Data Manager: Sujin Lee
    Art Department Coordinator: Kwyeok Shin
    Assistant Art Directors: Boram Kim, Sangku Jang
    Key Hair/Makeup Artist: Hyeryung Jang
    Special Makeup Effects: Sanghun Cha

    ROBOT: Jerry Liau
    THE BAD: Yan Long Yan

    Mr. Liau’s Manager: Ho Yi Bobby Leung
    Editors: Zino Kim, Jinkyu Han
    OnSet Editor: Eunseob Kim
    VFX Supervisor: Geuktae Noh
    Animation Supervisor: Sungoh Moon
    R&D Supervisor: Wanho Choi
    FX Supervisor: Seonku Kim
    VFX Coordinators: Youngae Hwang, Sanghean Park, Jahyeon Oh
    Concept Design Supervisor: Hyunsuk Kim
    Concept Artists: Samuel King, Junyoung Kim, Dongwoo Kim
    Matchmove Lead: Dongho Cha
    Matchmove Artists: Chanyang Cho, Kwantae Kim, Nara Yoon, Youngwoo Choi, Minseok Kang, Daeyoung Kim
    Animation Lead: Youngeun Jeon
    Animators: Buyong Jeong, Unsun Ryoo, Junghoon Park, Hongjoo Jang, Heesun Hong, Woosang Lee, Yoomin Oh, Yunhyuk Jung, Yeojin Jung, Chulho Yoon, Sungmin Park, Dongkyu Kim, Jihyeon Lee, Seokwon Choi
    Creature Lead: Kihong Oh
    Creature Artist: Hyunil Lee
    General Lead Artist: Manhong Han
    General Artists: Moowon Kim, Yeongyun Jeong, Hyunwook Nam, Ingwon Jeong, Munseok Jang, Sangryune Jeong, Dayoung Lee
    FX Artist: Hyejung Shin
    Senior Matte Painter: Sungjin Park
    Matte Painter: Jiyoon Park
    Lead Compositors: Wonrak Son, Wonhee Cho
    Compositors: Seungjun Choi, Sunghwan Kim, Jihyung Jung, Moonjeong Choi, Nayoung Lee, Bongkyu Lim, Giyeon Kim, Youngjin Park, Woohyun Yun, Hanui Hwang, Byungchan Park, Osuk Yang, Subin Lee, Seonju Lee, Minkyeong Sonl, Taerim Kim
    Pipeline Engineer: Jungwook Seo
    System Administrator: Minsu Khang
    System Assistant Administrator: Bogeun Kwon
    System Engineer: Byumgi Lee