“The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera” by Steinberg

  • ©David Steinberg  deGraf/Wahrman



    The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • deGraf/Wahrman


    The Flintstones meet the Jetsons in this wild flight simulator ride at Universal Studios in Orlando.


    HARDWARE: Silicon Graphics, 4D-80/GT


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Rhythm & Hues Proprietary

Additional Contributors:

    Produced for: Universal Studios, Florida
    MCA Director: Mario Kamberg
    MCA Producer: Sherry McKenna
    Post Production/Optical Supervisor: Greg Van der Veer
    Production Manager: Ellen Coss
    For all sequences with the Exception of Tetsons-Produced by: deGraf/Wahrman, Inc.
    CCI Effects Supervision: Brad deGraf and Michael Wahrman
    Producers: Craig Newman and Sally A. Syberg
    MCA Art Direction: Kerry Colonna, Allen Battino, and Dale Herigstad
    Production Manager: Michelle Porter
    Ship Animation: Brian Jennings
    Animation: Brian Jennings, John Grower, Ken Brain, and Brad deGraf
    Master Sculptor: Ken Cope
    Technical Drawing: Tom Betts
    Bedrock Lighting: Kevin Bjorke
    Bedrock Modeling: Liza Keith and Adrian Iler
    Scooby Lighting: John Adamczyk
    Scooby Modeling: John Adamezyk and Adrian Iler
    Launch and Warps: Liza Keith and Adrian Iler
    Film Recording: Joshua Pines
    Fred’s House: Jim Hillin
    Editorial: Ladd McPartland
    Operations Manager: Lizzi Bones Ralston-Bugge
    MCA Happy Face Coordinator: Jane Nunez
    Choreography and Lighting Coordinator: Dr. B.K. Berlitz
    Software: Perform by deGraf/Wahrman, Inc., Pixar RenderMan, Symbolics S-Products
    fetsons Sequence-Produced by: Rhythm & Hues, Inc.
    Designer/Director: Dan Quarnstrom
    Head Animator: Jean Cunningham
    Animators: Kevin Barnhill, Neil Richmond, Charlie Gibson, Darren Kiner, Michael Tigar, Daniele Colajacomo, Peter Farson, and Lorne Lanning
    Modelers: Darren Kiner and Jennifer Pearce
    Producer: Meryl Burns
    Editor: Rick Ross
    Executive Producer: Kathryn Riccio
    Special Software: Keith Goldfarb and Paul Newell
    Cameraman: David Keller
    Special Effects Supervisor: Ray Feeney
    Character and Effects Animation Produced by: Sullivan Bluth Animation Studios
    Producer: Thad Weinlein
    Assistant Director: Ron Allen
    Directing Animators: Linda Miller, Larry Leker, John Pomeroy, Mark Koetsier, Ken Duncan, and Jean Morel
    Character Animators: Mark Pudleiner, Nasos Vakilos, Shane Zalvin, Matt Bates, Joe McDonough, Dave Kupcyk, Bill Waldman, and Todd Waterman
    Opticals Produced by: Pacific Title & Art Studio
    Optical Supervisor: Phillip Feiner
    Optical Camera Operators: Mike Glickman, Doug Nogle, and Benita Nelson
    Line Up: Dick Ramirez

Animation / Video Overview: