“The First Political Speech” by Zabranska

  • ©Michaela Zabranska  Simon Fraser University


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    The First Political Speech


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Simon Fraser University


    The First Political Speech was inspired by“words,” charismatic, hypnotic, and sometimes hu-morous. The animation is our interpretation of a poem by Canadian writer Eli Mendol. The images depict a crowd of technological “robotniks,” entranced by a speaker seen only through the motions of its shadow. The movements of the robotniks and the shadow figure were created in real time with the Life Forms system. Life Forms is a 3D movement composition system developed under the direction of Tom Calvert in the Computer Graphics Research Laboratory at Simon Fraser University. Walking sequences were generated automatically with Armin Bruderlin’s interactive, procedural program for human locomotion (GAITOR).


    HARDWARE: Silicon Graphics workstations


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Life Forms, Gaitor, Vertigo, other lab software

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Sang Mah, Michaela Zabranska
    Director, Designer: Michaela Zabranska
    Animation: Michaela Zabranska, Pam Forth, Jason Dowdeswell
    Shadow Software: Phil Peterson, Troy Brooks, Chris Welman
    Hand Software: Chor Guan Teo, Chris Welman
    Voice: Michael Johal
    Other Contributors: Kurtis Vanel, Sang Mah, Gordon Farrell, Frank Campbell, Armin Bruderlin, Leslie Bishko

Animation / Video Overview: