“The DNA Story” by Koch

  • ©Andreas Koch  Digital Studio SA


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    The DNA Story


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Digital Studio SA


    This piece depicts a virtual voyage deep inside the cell nucleus to its valuable contents: the DNA, carrier of the coded information necessary for all life. Based on the latest discoveries of the nuclear organization, this work shows DNA transcription, replication and condensation into a mitotic chromosome.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Digital Studio SA
    Computer Graphics Supervisor: David Gould
    Computer Systems Supervisor: Laurent Larsonneur
    Written by: Laurent Larsonneur & Andreas Koch
    Computer Graphics Artists: Jerome Boulbes, Laurent-Luc Burtin, Franck Chedozeau, Roberto Daniele, Laurent Larapidie, David Ouanono, Pascal Rouquie
    Computer Graphics Software Developers: David Gould, Francis Roux-Serret
    Production Assistants: Pascale Mansion, Valerie Lafon, Karine Roulland
    Technical Assistant: Jean-Pascal Plettener
    Graphic Assistant: Catherine Blanc, David Bonet-Maury, Mathias Ducloux
    Scientific Assistant: Didier Casane
    Narrator: Dana Westberg
    Sound Mixing: Jean-Paul Queste
    Music by: Philippe Valembois
    Special thanks: Christian Sardet – Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Thierry Fouquet – Mobilis Productions

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