“The Coin” by Lari

  • ©Giancarlo Lari



    The Coin





    In the middle of nowhere, an average guy meets an average bird, but he soon discovers the bird is not the harmless little creature it appears to be. The Coin is a stylized experiment inspired by graphic books that utilizes motion capture and traditional keyframe tools together in a non realistic piece of animation. Created with a mix of custom and off-the shelf software, this short hopes to prove that high-quality animation can be produced within a shoestring budget.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Giancarlo Lari, Chris Roda, Massimo Contini
    Featuring Motion Capture Actor: Phillipe Bergeron
    CEO and Producer: Massimo Contini
    Original Music: Lee Sanders
    Senior Compositor: Mauro Vicentini
    Postproduction, Editing & Filmout: Grande Mela
    Compositor: llenia De Santis
    Modeled, Animated & Rendered with Maya
    3D Digital Artist: Marco Di Lucca
    mm Toon InkLines Render: Matthias Melcher
    Render Watcher: Giulia Infurna
    Editor: Matteo Chiarello
    System Administrator: Gabriele Gelfo
    ARRILASER Film Recording: FILMICO
    Producers: Giancarlo Lari, Chris Roda, Massimo Contini
    Sound Recording: MARBEA
    Writers: Giancarlo Lari, Chris Roda
    Film Lab: Augustus
    PREVIZ Render Services: Steamboat Software
    Character Animators: Robin Akin, Bernd Angerer, Volker Helze, Peter Greenstone, Giancarlo Lari, Daniel Loeb, Piotr Karwas, Suzanne Werth
    President and CTO: Rev Lebaredian
    Director of Operations: Rachel Saenz
    Technical Director: Sandro Lebaredian
    Chief Monkey Technical Directors: Martin Costello, Giancarlo Lari, Kok Cheung Wong
    Software Engineer: Bruce Tartaglia
    Modelers: Andy Hall, Giancarlo Lari, Howie Muzika
    Motion Capture Supervisor: Matthias Melcher
    Motion Capture Assistants: Volker Helze, Jan Philip Cramer
    Motion Capture Equipment and Software: EYEMATIC
    Post Production: Grande Mela

Animation / Video Overview: