“The Audition” by Apple Computer Inc.

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    The Audition

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Apple Computer Inc.


    Facial expression tracking, dynamic simulation and ray-tracing radiosity are used to tell about what happened one day at the circus.


    HARDWARE: Apple MacIntosh, Silicon Graphics


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: In-House Animation and Rendering Code

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Apple Computer, Inc., Advanced Technology Group
    Story, Dynamics and Proiect Coordination: Gavin Miller
    Ray-Tracing Software: Douglas Turner
    Scene Design and Model Management: Steven Rubin
    Dog Design and Modeling: Bill Maher
    Dog Animation Technology: Lance Williams
    Dog Animation, Rendering and Technology: Peter Litwinowicz
    Dog Animation Software and Cannon Design: Libby Patterson
    Dog Animation, Modeling and Rotoscoping Software: Ned Greene
    Dog Animation: Kim Tempest
    Rendering Preview Software: Kenneth Turkowski
    Radiosity Software: Shenchang Eric Chen
    Sound Effects and the Voice of Louie: Dean Blacketter
    Music: Tim Taylor
    Technical Production Assistant: Scott Stein
    Rendering Angel: Tim Heidmann, Gary Griffin, and Jeff Hultquist
    Special Thanks: Michael Kass, Roger Spreen, and David Jevans

Animation / Video Overview: