“The Alchemist’s Letter” by Stevens

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    The Alchemist's Letter




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    A late alchemist exposes his estranged son to the truth surrounding his tumultuous life and the dark magic used to power a gold-making machine, all in an attempt to give his son one last life lesson and save him from following the same fateful path.

Additional Contributors:

    Executive Producer: Lourri Hammack
    Producer: Alvaro Cubillas
    Post Producer: Catherine Yi
    Art Director: Dan Casey
    Animation Supervisor: Greg Kyle
    CG Supervisors: Patrick Van Pelt, Chris Immroth
    Lead Compositor: John Corbett
    Editor: Michael Corrigan
    Composer: Mikael Sandgren
    Production Manager: Nick Childs
    Production Coordinator: Evan Smith

    The Alchemist (Nicolas): John Hurt
    The Daughter (Talia): Eloise Webb

    Designers: Carlos Andre Stevens, Don Flores, Gordon Waltho, Alan Cook, Jeff Welk
    Character Design: JungEun Kim
    Additional Design: Sharon Huang, Kristy Kay, Maria Yi, Joyce Lee, Michelle Lin, Simon Thelning, Jon Upton
    Storyboards: Fred Fassberger, Joe Meredith
    Animators: Greg Kyle, Kevin Phelps, Andrew Schneider, Prasad Narse
    Additional Animation: Chris Ohlgren, Lindsay Gilmore, Juliana Cox
    Rigging: Terence Jacobson, Jason Baskin
    Layout Artists: Kameron Gates, Trentity Dewitt, Kevin Phelps
    Lighting Artists: Frank Ritlop, Matt Reslier, Steve Molin
    Texture Artists: Dan Casey, Nikie Monteleone, Claudia Candia
    Additional Texturing: Jared Broddle, Luke Lee, Faith Zeng
    Modelers: Josh Tonnesen, Michael Berger, Tony Chen, Ashley Morgan, Grant Cerulo, Dan Fine
    FX Artists: Toshi Oksuka, José Antonio Diaz, Karl Richter, Diamond Wheeler
    2D FX Artist: Susanna Luck
    Compositors: John Corbett, Alfie Berger, Kristen Pitone, Tommy Smith, Matt Reslier, Aurry Tan
    Matte Painting: Mai-Ahn Tran
    Flame Artist: Rex Carter
    Foley Vocals: Gage Casey, Dan Casey, Emma Limbocker, WBsound London
    ADR: Andy Stallabrass, James Hyde
    Special Thanks: The Stevens Family: José and Lena Stevens, Anna Stevens Harrington, Tika Harrington, Aaron Harrington, Claire Morgan, Jaime Acosta, Rachel Harrington, Joyce DeWitt, Kidada Jones
    Editorial Assistant: Dino Coons
    Post Production Manager: Cam Williams
    Sound Design/Mix: Lance Limbocker
    Music Producer: Dave Curtin
    Casting Director – England: Sara Puro
    Public Relations: Jeanine Takala
    Live Strings: Stevie Blacke
    Music Vocals: Lola Gayle
    HouseSpecial: Kirk Kelley, Alise Munson, Lauren Lofano, Megan Sweigert
    Logan: Ben Conrad, Alexei Tylevich, Santino Sladavic, Chad Carbone, Warren Heimall
    LAIKA: Travis Knight, Rosemary Colliver, Kyle Bell

    With Support From The Oregon Film Board

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