“Ted” by 1st Ave Machine

  • ©Arvind Palep


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  • 1st Ave Machine


    1st Ave Machine transcends the boundary between imagination and reality in the new CG/live action music video for “Ted” by Chris Clark of Warp Records.

    A surreal and striking close-up inspection of insects that are oddly familiar but have morphed into something barely recognizable, the video is an examination of evolution in a world of possibil-ity. Praying mantises and grasshoppers have developed improved sensory devices resembling antennae. Cockroaches have multiple pulsating thoraxes. Pinchers, stingers, and other defense mechanisms have evolved into something totally unclassifiable.

    The integration of CG with live action blurs the line of possibility and reality.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Arvind Palep

    Executive Producer: Serge Patzak

    Lead Compositor: WeiTo Chow

    Compositor: Makoto Sato

    Modeler: Capac Roberts

    Insect Handler: Sharon Curran