“Take Your Medicine” by Husseini

  • ©Nader Husseini



    Take Your Medicine


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Reel FX Creative Studios


    “Take Your Medicine” depicts an overwhelmed girl being persuaded to medicate herself in an effort to calm her fears, but as the medication takes over, she loses herself in a downward spiral of pill consumption. The piece serves as a critique of society’s overuse of medication.

Additional Contributors:

    Design and Animation: Studio
    Radium/Reel FX Director: Nader Husseini
    Producer: Amy Grieshaber
    Production Coordinator: Taylor Lee Williams
    Production Assistant: Meghan A. Cole
    Editor: Amy Grieshaber
    Concept Artists: Nader Husseini, Yashar Tahtolkassai
    Designers: Nader Husseini, Byron Slaybaugh, Christopher Vela, Dustin D’Arnault, Erin McGuire
    Motion Designers: Byron Slaybaugh, Christopher Vela, James Webber
    Layout Artists: Joseph P. Johnston, Mark Thielen
    Animation Supervisor: Ernesto Bottger
    Animators: Drew Winey, Eric Drobile, Jeff Weidner, Jimm Pegan, Matt Kummer, Monica Aston, Randy Hayes, Ray Chase, Trevor Young
    Cloth Artist: Steven Kyle Wood
    Lighting Supervisor: Brandon Stoker
    Lighters: Chris Browne, Connon Carey, Julie Terrell
    Compositors: Dag Ivarsoy, Jared Brower
    Particle Effects: Joseph P. Johnston
    Modelers: Brandon Stoker, Nathan Smithson, Seth Olson
    Rigging Supervisor: Steven Kyle Wood
    Rigging Artists: Josh Carey, Matthew R. Tucker, Steve Eger
    Texturing Supervisor: Brandon Stoker
    Texture Artists: Julie Terrell, Lauren Davis, Seth Olson
    Audio Artists: Frank Pittenger, Matt Pittman, TJ Callaway
    Technical Director: Steven Kyle Wood
    Render Supervisor: Kevin MacPhail

    Live Action Producer: Laura Wallgren
    Assistant Director: James Boisvenue
    Director of Photography: Julio Quintana
    First Assistant Camera: Kristin Cole
    Gaffer: Brad Keffer
    Key Grip: Mike Gillespie
    Grip: Joy Chiang
    Art Department: Kate Morter, Stephen Fay
    Wardrobe Supervisor: Stephanie Villalobos
    Wardrobe Assistant: Jennifer Raines
    Makeup Artist: Victoria Rodriguez
    Makeup Artist Assistants: Aaron Salinas, Andrew Reyes, Tinka Kadas
    Location Manager: Laura Wallgren
    Locations Assistant: Jason Matthews
    Production Assistants: Jake Wallgren, Patrick Robinson

    Girl: Kimberly Freeman
    Band: Matt Molarius, Jason Cardenas, Andy Ridley, Shaun Cornell

Animation / Video Overview: