“Symphony” by University of California, Los Angeles

  • ©Erick Oh  University of California, Los Angeles


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  • University of California, Los Angeles


    “Symphony” is a digitally hand-drawn, animated narrative short abstractly visualized from “Summer”, a section of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. It portrays a sentient creature trying to escape from the predestined reality of assimilation into the mainstream, regardless of its own will.

    The topic of this abstractedly crafted animation applies to anything that struggles with freedom. It can be a phenomenon occurring deep within the mind or an individual confronting the standardized masses. There is no concrete answer to these questions. As the director, the only role I play is to showcase reality. The solution and conclusion of the story are open to interpretation.

    The world illustrated in “Symphony” emerged as an art form located exactly between the traditionally analog and digital domain. Every single frame is hand drawn, and all of the background art is a mixture of pencil and watercolor images with digital retouching.


    Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, TVpaint Animation

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Erick Oh

    Creator: Erick Oh

    Composer: Antonio Vivaldi

    Production: University of California, Los Angeles

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