“Stuff We Did” by St. John

  • ©Nancy St. John  Pacific Data Images (PDI)


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    Stuff We Did


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  • Pacific Data Images (PDI)


    Stuff We Did is a collection of commercial work done at Pacific Data Images in the last year. We are happy to say that during this time we did not render any chrome logos over starfields. We did, however, do dancing toothpaste. We would like to thank all our clients for making 1987-88 such a successful year! Our software is written entirely in-house and we use 20 Ridge computers, 16 frame buffers, four Suns, and a large collection of video gear, PC’s and Macs. PDI is: Carl Rosendahl, Richard Chuang, Glenn Entis, Thaddeus Beier, Adam Chin, Shari Folz Glusker, Jim Ward, Joe Palrang, Roger Gould, Rich Cohen, Nick Ilyin, Howard Baker, Del Maxwell, Mary Keenan, Larry Lessler, James Dixon, Felix Fernandez, Michelle Tsui, Richard Walsh, William Foss, Patricia Maslyn, Jim Rygiel, Henry Anderson III, Steve Goldberg, Graham Walters, Scott Anderson, Karen Schneider, Carlos Arguello, Michael Collery, Nancy St. John , Rex Grignon, Debbie Vasquez, Susan McVey, Shae McClory, and Jane Dekoven.

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