“Steam—Peter Gabriel” by Johnson

  • ©Stephen R. Johnson  Colossal Pictures



    Steam—Peter Gabriel


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Colossal Pictures


    This video incorporates a wide array of digital animation techniques, including 1.5 minutes of 3D computer graphics produced in five weeks. It runs the gamut from real time character animation, motion capture, particle systems, digital video post-production, and virtual environments.


    HARDWARE: Silicon Graphics, IBM PC


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: SOFTIMAGE Inc., Digital Arts, deGraf/Associates
    ALIVE, Homer & Associates Particles

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Real World Productions in association with Colossal Pictures
    Director: Stephen Johnson
    Producer: Prudence Fenton
    ComputerAnimation Director: Brad deGraf Fire, Water and Particle Scenes: Homer & Associates
    ComputerAnimation Producer: Sally Syberg
    Computer Animators: Marc Scaparro, Tim Waddy, Greg Maguire
    Programmer: Eric Gregory
    Creative Consultant: Rebecca Allen
    Lip Sync: Rand Wetherwax
    Cyberware Scanning: Pierre Haddad, Video System
    For Colossal Pictures, ComputerAnimation
    Producer: Sally Syberg
    Technical Support: Daniel X. Hannah
    Digital Art Support: Marilyn Novell. For Homer & Associates
    Computer Animation Supervisor: Peter Conn
    Computer Animators: Michael Kory, Scott Kilburn
    Programmer: John Adamczyk
    Production Assistant: Jane Fitzgerald
    Motion Capture: Superflo, Umberto Lazzari, Francesco Chiarini
    Post Production: Complete Video, London Mise. Post 3D Animation: Bruce Steele, Complete Video

Animation / Video Overview: