“Stealth” by Digital Domain, Inc.

  • ©Rob Cohen








    “Stealth” is a photorealistic, live-action film thrill ride. Digital Domain avoided the physical constraints of filming actual planes by creating CG aircraft that appear photographically captured and move like physical aircraft. Particular attention was paid to the interaction of the airplanes and their environments. We created all manner of visible atmospheric interactions of the airplanes with air and water, such as supersonic shockwaves, engine exhaust, condensation trails, vortex-induced vapor trails, and wake-turbulence interaction with clouds and fire. The environments were created using Terragen and other digital tools in order to maintain photorealistic quality. This gives us the ability to create any kind of terrain and allows our camera to fly freely over every location. The terrain was modified to suit the action, but the natural gradients and proportions dictated by nature were incorporated. In addition to creating terrain, we created photorealistic sky environments with weather, including rain, snow, fog, and light-ning. Sequence choreography and direction required us to create digital fire as seen in the gaseous fuel cloud that ignites into a rapidly burning ring of fire and smoke, culminating in a massive explosion.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Rob Cohen, Digital Domain

    Producers: Neal Moritz, Lara Ziskin


    Visual Effects Supervisor: Joel Hynek

    Visual Effects Producer: Julian Levi

    Digital Effects Supervisor: Kelly Port

    Computer Graphics Supervisors: Markus Kurtz, Vernon R. Wilbert Jr.

    Compositing Supervisor: Bryan Grill

    Digital Production Manager: Suzanne Buirgy

    CG Effects Sequence Leads: Robert A.D. Frick, Johnny Gibson, Garman Herigstad

    CG Effects Animators: Mir Zafar Ali, Charles Anderson, Dimitre N. Berberov, Steven Blakey, Todd A. Boyce, Joseph Cavanaugh, Todd Dufour, Michael Edland, Kent Estep, Stuart Gordon, Cody Harrington, Jongwoo Heo, Joseph E. Jackman, Piotr Karwas, Dorian Knapp, Joshua Krall, Andrew Lyons, Jason Mayer, Andrew Paules, Thomas Pushpathadam, Nordin Rahhali, Youngsam Suh, Alfred Urrutia, Chris Yang

    CG Animation Lead: Erik T. Gamache

    CG Animators: Nancy Adams, Richard Curby, Austin Eddy, Toby M. Haruno, Peter Nye, Patrick Perez, Jayson Price, Jeffrey Schanz, Scott Tessier, Michael Ryan Warner, Doug Wolf, Sammy Wong

    Character Set-Up Artist: Paul Jordan

    CG Terrain Lead: Brad K. Herman

    CG Terrain Artists: Gordon Chapman, Lucio Flores, Marten Larsson, Kent Lidke, Nikki Makar, Young Il Pyo

    CG Modeling Lead: Andrew Wilkoff

    CG Modeling Artists: Andrew John Bradbury, Steve Graves, Errol Lanier

    CG Lighting Lead: Esdras Varagnolo

    CG Lighting Artists: Lynn Baksinski, Patrick Finley, Gonzalo H. Garramuno, Eric W. Hanson, Matthew Henderson, Tulio Hernandez, Bruce Jurgens, Asim Khan, Kimberley Liptrap, Shannon McGee, Kevin McGowan, Rory McLeish, Scott Metzger, Christopher Nichols, Maxim Okazaki, Erick Schiele, Diana Sear, Riccardo Zanettini

    3D Integration Lead: David Niednagel

    3D Integration Artists: Geoffrey Baumann, Richard Enders, Shelley Larocca, Ross Mackenzie, Thomas Schultz, Craig Van Dyke

    Technical Development Leads: David Blumenfeld, Swen Gillberg, Jens Zalzala

    Technical Developers: Charles Abou Aad, John Courte, Steve Galle, Jonah Hall, Christopher N. Harvey, Charles Henrich, Jason Iversen, Alan Kapler, Shoichi Matsubara, Michael Meckler, Paul George Palop, Eric Scheidemantle, Hector Anthony Serenil, Scot Shinderman, Leonardo Szew, Remy Torre

    Digital Compositing Leads: Brian Begun, Paul Kirwan, Lou Pecora

    Digital Compositors: Gianni M. Aliotti, Ted S. Andre, Eric M. Beaver, Krista E. Benson, Alette Boyce, Eric Bruneau, Gimo Chanphianamvong, Dennis Davis, Kevin Ellis, Joseph C. Farrell, Quentin Frost, Scott Gastellu, Michael Harbour, Jessica Harris, Chia Chi Hu, Paul Kirsch, James Kuroda, Paul J. Lambert, Kenneth Littleton, Lawrence Littleton, David Lockwood, Michael Maloney, Michael Melchiorre, Carlos Morales, Marc Morissette, Adam Moura, Robert Nederhorst, Davy Nethercutt, Ethan Ormsby, Marc Dominic Rienzo, Olivier P. Sarda, Jason Selfe, John Tissavary, Eric Weinschenk, Deborah Wiltman

    Digital Matte Painters: Max Gabl, Ronald A. Gress, Metin Gungor

    Digital Texture Paint Lead: Nicholas Lloyd

    Digital Texture Painters: Viraj Andrew Bunnag, Brian Ripley, Song Tiang Teo

    Digital Rotoscope/Paint Lead: Lee Croft

    Digital Rotoscope/Paint Artists: Joshua Bolin, Jeff Kim, Karin Last, Antonio Torres, Pablo Wang, Byron Werner, Shannon Wiggins, Nicole Yoblonski

    CG Previsualization Lead: Brian Pohl

    CG Previsualization Artists: Jose Acevedo, Richard Almodovar, John P. Allardice, Sebastian Bilbao, Pierre Chastain, Duane Floch, Chris Gallagher, David Hodgins, Kris Kapp, Laurent Lavigne, Michael Neely, Ira Shain

    Software Engineers: John Flynn, Daniel Maskit, Carl Magnus Wrenninge

    Visual Effects Editor: Debra Wolff

    Visual Effects Avid Editor: Mitchell Glaser

    Color Graders: Todd Sarsfield, Chris Sauides

    Visual Effects Production Coordinator: Shad Davis

    Digital Effects CG Coordinators: Doug Badgett, Brady Doyle, Dave Godwin, Steve Griffith, Liz Hitt, Jamie Jota, Karen Sickles, Cat Thelia

    Assistant Visual Effect Coordinator: Frank Borders

    Technical Assistant: Nathaniel Dirksen

    Visual Effects Production Assistants: S. Regina Carney, Joshua Fritchie, Chris Rock

    Visual Effects Accountant: Bekki Misiorowski

    Visual Effects Executive Producer: Nancy Bernstein

Animation / Video Overview: