“Starship Troopers – Visual Effects” by Tippett Studio

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    Starship Troopers - Visual Effects

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    “Starship Troopers” follows the adventures of its heros as they battle the Arachnid Army, a vicious armada of insect warriors on planets across the Galaxy. Tippett Studio relied exclusively on computer graphic technologies to design, model, animate, light, and composite 225 digital bug shots, some with thousands of Bugs.

Additional Contributors:

    Creature Visual Effects Produced by: Tippett Studio

    Creature Visual Effects Supervisor: Phil Tippett

    Design Vfx Supervisor: Craig Hayes

    Vfx Producer: Jules Roman

    Production Supervisor: Alonzo Ruvalcaba

    Supervisor Character Animation Department: Trey Stokes

    Lead Character Animators: Blair Clark, Pete Konig, Adam Valdez

    Character Animators: Jeremy Cantor, Kirrie Edis, Tom Gibbons, Randall Link, Mark Schreiber, Tom Schelesny, Gary Siela, Tanya Spence, Robin Watts, John Zdankiewicz

    Supervisor Art Department: Paula Lucchesi

    Lead Digital Painter: Belinda Van Valkenberg

    Digital Painter: Joel Friesch

    Digital Model Makers: Martin Meunier, Merrick Cheney

    Supervisor Digital Lighting: Julie Newdoll

    Lead Digital Lighting: Larry Weiss, Greg Butler

    Digital Lighting: James Flux, Dean Hadlock, Joe Littlejohn, Sara Mathew, Desiree Mourad, Steve Reding, Saba Rofchaei, Scott Souter, Allison Torres, Bart Trickel

    Match Movers: Andy Chen, Aaron Kohr, David Woolsey

    Digital Post Camera: Frank Petzold

    Lead Digital Fx Animator: Darby Johnston

    Digital Fx Animators: Eric Leven, Al Arthur

    Supervising Compositor: Brennan Doyle

    Lead Digital Compositor: Zoe Peck

    Digital Compositors: Alan Boucek, Greg Derochie, Colin Epstein, William Eyler, Charles Granich, Jim Mcvay, Alfred Murrle, Jeff Sargent, Russ Sueyoshi, Helen Verhoeven

    Supervisor Digital Rotoscope: Joanne Ladolcetta

    Digital rotoscope: Renee Binkowski, John Dunlap, Grace Murphy, Betsy Nofsinger, Sabrina Riegel, Cathy Waterman

    Operations Manager: Jeff Stringer

    Vfx Coordinators: Julie Garrard, Ken Kokka, Suzanne Lowe, Chris Paizis

    Production Accountant: Suzanne Niki Yoshii

    Senior Software Developer: Doug Epps

    Lead Software Developer: Josh Minor

    Software Development Manager: Kim Jones

    Software Developers: Adrienne Othon, Ian Reid, Roger Rohrbach

    Film I/O Supervisor: David Rosenthal

    Digital Scanner Operator: Steve Stanton

    Digital Camera Operator: Peter Juneau

    Color Correction: Page Frakes, Haunt Rama

    Film I/O Coordinator: Molly Lynch

    Editor: Kevin Rose-Williams

    Assistant Editors: Maia Veres, Tom Krebs

    Sculptor: Ron Holthuysen

    Fabricator: Natalie Lopez

    Mold Maker: John Reed

    Systems Manager: Thida Cornes

    Systems Administrators: Christian Rice, Hendrik Te Winkel

    Data Wranglers: Mike Palmieri, Jeff Branion

    Tech Support: Frank Cox, Jeshua Lacock

    Systems Assistant: Seth Roberts

    Purchasing Agent: Linda Landry-Nelson

    Accounting Assistant: Sherry Wong-Kitamura

    Foreman: Paul Silva

    Assistant Foreman: Ben Harris

    Production Assistants: Alexi Taylor, Neal Hoover, Vicki Wong

    Assistant to Supervisors: Kc Rosenberg

    Intern: Katherine Aaron

Animation / Video Overview: