“StarQuest Adventure” by Townley

  • ©Jon Townley  Metrolight Studios


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    StarQuest Adventure


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Metrolight Studios


    StarQuest is a four-minute Omnimax motion-based ride film for the 1993 Korean World Expo,Taejon, Korea, to be shown in the Samsung Pavilion.


    HARDWARE: Solbourne 5-604, Silicon Graphics 4D worksta-
    tions, Abekas A60 and A66, Solitaire 8XP Film

    Oxberry 8 Port Camera


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: MetroLight proprietary software. Wavefront
    Preview, RenderMan, Alias 4.0

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: MetroLight Studios
    Produced by: MetroLight Studios for Landmark Entertainment
    Executive VP in Charge of Production: Dobbie G. Schiff
    CGI Director: Jon Townley
    Executive Producer: Jim Wheelock
    Producer: Mark Franco
    Assistant Producer: Jane Stephan
    Digital Effects Supervisor: Kelley Ray
    Designer: Cliff Iwai
    Modelers: Sean Cunningham (Aquatic), Mike Merrel (Pre-Historic) Alan Ridenour (Saturn), Con Pederson
    Technical Directors: Scott Bendis (Vampire Binary), Steve Blakey (Saturn), Brian Bowman (Saturn), Cliff Bret, Chiara Perin, Yau Chen (EPB TD), Daniele Colojacomo (Pre-Historic), Aliza Corson (Aquatic), Sean Cunningham, Rosa Farre, Todd Gantzler (Caveman-Starman Morph), Jim Hillin (Pre-Historic), Gary Jackermak, George Karl, John McLaughlin (Saturn/Aquatic/Black Hole), Peter Meechan (Black Hole/Aquatic), Mike Merell, John Ornelas (Vampire Binary), Con Pederson, Sean Schur, Jerry Weil (Aquatic) Pesource Manager: Steve Klevett
    Production Manager: Jini Dayaneni
    Systems Administrator: Andy Chua
    Systems/Software Support: Greg Ercolano
    Software Support: Rob Rosenblum, Yun-Chen Sung
    Film Recorder: Bill Kent
    Offline Editor: Ron Reynolds
    Technical Support: John “Bear” Bryant, Daniel Loeb
    Client: Dream Quest Images

Animation / Video Overview: