“Spider-Man” by Raimi

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Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Sony Pictures Imageworks


    With his superhuman transformation to Spider-Man, Peter Parker comes to terms with the responsibility that comes with great power. Sony Pictures Imageworks embarked on two years of extensive R&D to accomplish the synthetic cityscape that is instantly recognizable as New York. This CG environment serves as a dramatic stage for CG Spider-Man and Green Goblin and allows complete freedom for the virtual camera moves necessary to capture aerobatic web-slinging and pitched battles between the arch-enemies. All architectural elements were created entirely with geometry and texture, balanced for sharpness, contrast, and saturation, and designed to work for both day and night shots.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Laura Ziskin, lan Bryce
    Executive Producer: Avi Arad, Stan Lee
    CG Character Animation Leads: Spencer Cook, Bill Diaz
    3D Match Move: David Spencer, Joseph Thomas
    On Set Match Move: Messrob Torikian
    CG Character Animation: Brad Booker, Peter Giliberti, Pedram Goshtasbpour, Tom Gurney, Jeff Lin, Koji Morihiro, Ken Morrisey, James Parris, Chris Williams
    Motion Control Supervisor: Gregory Nicholson
    CG Animation Support: John Schmidt, Dan Ziegler
    Assistant VFX Editor: Andrea Maxwell
    Senior Visual Effects Coordinator: Lisa Zusmer
    Character Physiquing: JJ Blumenkranz, Albert Hastings, Alberto Menache
    Visual Effects Plate Coordinator: Christian Hejnal
    Character Modeler Lead: Edward Taylor
    CG Character Animation Coordinator: Glenn Karpf
    Character Modeler: Kui Han Lee
    Digital Effects Coordinator: Liz Hitt
    Modelers: Dave Emery, Greg Stuhl, Alex Whang
    Software Supervisor: Amit Agrawal
    Software Engineering Lead: Saed Mirsepassi
    Visual Effects Designer: John Dykstra
    Development CG Supervisor: Sam Richards
    Lead Matte Painter: Ivo Horvat
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Scott Stokdyk
    Visual Effects Editor: Kevin J. Jolly
    Matte Painter: Dave Bleich
    Software Engineers: Michael Chmilar, Brian Hall, Manson Jones, Bruce Navsky, Reuben Pasquini, Min-Zhi Shao, Michael Wilson
    Texture Paint Lead: Kerry Nordquist
    Special Visual Effects: Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc. Culver City, California
    Lighting Lead: Laurence Treweek
    Senior Visual Effects Producer: Lydia Bottegoni
    Texture Painters: Suzy Brown, Rachel Kelley, Apryl Knobbe, Andrew Paquette, Audri Phillips, Federico Rivia, Justine Sagar, Donna Tracy
    Lead Technical Assistant: Jennifer Hunt
    CG Character Animation Supervivisor: Anthony LaMolinara
    Color & Lighting: Dan Abrams, Tom Allen, Grant Anderson, Mark de la Garza, Danny Dimian, Alex Grau, Kevin T. Hahn, Carl Hooper, John Lee, Benjamin Lishka, Franklin Londin, Francis P. Liu, Simon Maddocks, John Monos, Enrique Munoz, Peter Plevritis, Tom Pushpathadum, Marc Rienzo, Jeff Stern, Lisa Tse, Carlos Vidal, Bruno Vilela
    Senior Digital Color Timer: John Nicolard
    Concept Artists: Michael Scheffe, John Bevelheimer
    Executive Producer: Jenny Fulle
    Digital Effects Producer: Carey Smith
    Costume Concept Artist: Marzette Bonar
    Senior Staff: Debbie Denise, Tom Hershey, George Joblove, Ken Ralston, Tim Sarnoff, Stan Szymanski, Bill Villarreal, Barry Weiss
    Programming TD: Steve LaVietes
    Digital Production Manager: Chris Juen
    Inferno Artists: Christian Boudman, Jeff Olm
    FX Animation Leads: Theo Vandernoot, Daniel Kramer
    CG Supervisors: Daniel Eaton, Ken Hahn, Peter Nofz
    Rotoscoping Lead: Maura Alvarez
    FX Animation: Todd Boyce, Matt Hausman, Hae-Jeon Lee, Chris Roda, Jeff Wolverton
    Senior Concept Designer: Marty Kline
    Rotoscoping: Nancy Evans, Natalie Gonthier, Lea Lambert, James Valentine
    Character Look Leads: Greg Anderson, Sing-Choong Foo
    Compositors: Bonjin Byun, JD Cowles, Matt Dessero, Greg Derochie, Colin Drobnis, Fish Essenfeld, Ethan Ormsby, Richard Sandoval, John Sasaki
    Match Move Lead: Rachel Nicoll
    Building Lead: Francisco De Jesus

Animation / Video Overview: