“Sphere” by Levinson

  • ©Barry Levinson  Cinesite





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Cinesite


    From the bottom of the ocean to infinite space, this segment shows how computer graphics can create and transcend worlds. The sphere and all lighting (atmospheric and from divers’ helmets) was computer generated. The jellyfish were modeled in Alias Power Animator, animated in Softimage, trained by our animators to intimidate and attack, given proprietary motion blur and rendered in Renderman. Underwater shots involved a combination of greenscreen, computer generated bubbles (created with Dynamation), set extensions and random, computer generated dust.

    The shots of the nebulae utilized computer generated planets and starfields, and a host of proprietary tools including a proprietary volume renderer.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Supervisor (WB): Jeff Okun
    Producer: Cinesite Digital Studios
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Carlos Arguello
    Digital Effects Producer: Aaron Dem

Animation / Video Overview: