“Sony Bravia Paint Technical Breakdown” by Moving Picture Company

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    Sony Bravia Paint Technical Breakdown


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Moving Picture Company


    Jonathan Glazer directed Sony Bravia’s “Paint” for the “colour like no other” campaign. Working with Fallon and Academy, The Moving Picture Company was charged with post-production including CG animation and fluid simulation for the strikingly colourful ad.

    The ad is set on a housing estate where multi- coloured paint explodes like fireworks. The bursts of colour, synchronised to a rousing soundtrack from Rossini’s “Thieving Magpie,” detonate from all manner of locations in and around the buildings. The colour spectrum stretches from red and yellow through to purple and blue. Toward the end of the ad, the anarchic clown who instigated the paint deluge adds a human element to the proceedings by hot-footing it away from the scene.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Jonathan Glazer

    DOP: Dan Landin

    Editor: Paul Watts at the Quarry

    Advertising Agency: Fallon

    Executive Creative Director: Richard Flintham

    Creative Director: Juan Cabral

    Agency Producers: Nicky Barnes, Charlie Orr

    Production Company: Academy

    Production Company Producer: Simon Cooper

    Post Production: The Moving Picture Company

    Post Production Producer: Graham Bird

    Post Production Coordinators: Justin Brukman, Paula Da Costa

    VFX Supervision: Duncan McWilliam, Jim Radford, Ludo Fealy, Vicky Osborn

    VFX Team: Andreas Graichen, Andrew Lodge, Ashley Bernes, Chrys Aldred, Dan Adams, Evangelos Christopoulous, James Bailey, Nick Bennett, Robin Carlisle, Rod Norman, Roger Gibbon, Ronald Anzenberger, Saman Mahmoudi, Tom Harding

    Telecine: Mark Gethin

    Roto Prep: Alasdair McNeill, Becky Roberts, Izet Buco, Laura Dubsky, Philip R. English, Stuart Bullen

Animation / Video Overview: