“Solar Superstorms – Visualization Excerpts” by Cox

  • ©Donna J. Cox



    Solar Superstorms - Visualization Excerpts



    This full-dome production features visualizations originating from hundreds of terabytes of scientific supercomputer data, which reveal the sun’s dynamic processes. Viewers travel beneath the solar surface through the magnetically active convection zone, observe an emerging coronal mass ejection, and finally witness the earth’s magnetosphere deflecting the resultant electromagnetic storm.

Additional Contributors:

    Visualization by Advanced Visualization Lab National Center for Supercomputing Applications, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Thomas Lucas Productions Spitz Creative Media
    Narration: Benedict Cumberbatch
    Funded in part by National Science Foundation Award: ACI-1445176 The Centrality
    of Advanced Digitally Enabled Science: CADENS
    Visualization Producer, Designer: Donna Cox
    Visualization Designer, Compositing: Robert Patterson
    Research Programmer, Pre-vis: Stuart Levy
    Visualization Scene Development: AJ Christensen
    Visualization Programmer: Kalina Borkiewicz
    Post Production, Visualization: Jeff Carpenter
    Visualization Toolkit: Matt Turk
    Magneto-Convection Emerging Flux: Robert Stein, Åke Nordlund

Animation / Video Overview: