“Solar Crisis Hologram Animation” by Pacific Data Images (PDI)

  • ©  Pacific Data Images (PDI) and Boss Film Studios



    Solar Crisis Hologram Animation

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Pacific Data Images (PDI)
  • Boss Film Studios


    Waging a desperate battle to divert a devastating solar flare, Earth scientists create an ultra-modern holographic display system in this feature film.

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Pacific Data Images/Boss Films
    Credits-PD I: Jamie Dixon, Tad Beier, Theresa Ellis, Terry
    Emmons, Rex Grignon, Glenn Entis, and David MuCullough
    Credits-Boss Films: Jim Rygiels, Niel Krepela, Mauro Maressa, Mike Sweeney, Terry Windell, Richard Edlund, Ellen Somers, and Christine Sellin
    Copyright: 1990 Japan America Picture Company, Inc.

Animation / Video Overview: