“Sky HD – Feel Everything” by The Mill

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    Sky HD - Feel Everything

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  • The Mill


    The Mill’s 3D team completed this campaign for Sky TV to promote the channel’s recently adopted HD format. Each spot was based on an emotion: Intense, Euphoric, Alive, Hot, and Serene. The Mill wanted to reflect what HD delivers: mind-blowing detail, depth of field, and full-on vibrant colour.

    The team studied references of deep-sea crea-tures and microscopic organisms for movement and textures. They then created a unique look that was part realistic, part graphical. First, they used Mill in-house software to bring the two together and create the animatic. Then they conceptualised and created environmental effects, particles, and trails of light to unify the different worlds.

    Shake also played a vital role in completing the job, as it has the ability to use proxy renders and only update to HD when required. This meant the team didn’t have to render to HD every time they updated the composite.

    For the final version, each frame was rendered to 1920×1080 with five different sections and more then 20 different passes. All in all, The Mill dealt with around 40,000 high-definition frames.

Additional Contributors:

    Head of Brand Marketing: Lucian Smithers

    Brand Controller: Olivia Bonner

    Creative Director: Barry Skolnick

    Brand & Identity Company: Venture Three

    Creative Director: Graham Jones

    Agency: United London

    Producer: Jackie Ankelan

    Music: Jona Cox

    Post Production: The Mill

    Producers: Jo Sheppard, Stefanie Boose

    Lead 3D Designers: Tom Bussell, Jamie Lancaster

    3D Design Animators: James Sindle, David Knight, François Roisin, Ed Boldero

    Conceptual Stills: Andrew Proctor, Rob Petrie

    Shake Compositors: Pete Joplin, Lise Prudhomme

    3D Editorial: Guy Thompson

    Telecine: Mick Vincent

Animation / Video Overview: