“Sintel” by Blender Foundation

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  • Blender Foundation


    In this epic fantasy tale, Sintel — a young lonely girl — finds a companion in a wounded baby dragon in the streets of the city of Ishtar. When her friend gets violently taken away, she sets out on a long quest that ends in a dramatic confrontation.

Additional Contributors:

    Artists: David Revoy
    Angela Guenette, Soenke Maeter, Ben Dansie, Pablo Vazquez, Dolf Veenvliet, Nathan Vegdahl, Lee Salvemini, William Reynish, Beorn Leonard, Jeremy Davidson
    TDs: Brecht van Lommel, Campbell Barton
    Music & Sound: Jan Morgenstern
    Voices: Halina Reijn, Thom Hoffman

Animation / Video Overview: