“SIGGRAPH 97 Electronic Theater Close” by Mack and Howard

  • ©Kevin Mack and Caleb Howard  Digital Domain, Inc.



    SIGGRAPH 97 Electronic Theater Close


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Digital Domain, Inc.


    Annihilation Becomes Creation Through a Stretch of the Imagination

Additional Contributors:

    Sound: Kevin Mack, Ryan Ulyate

    Rendering Resources provided courtesy of SquareUSA
    Laser Film Recording provided courtesy of EFILM on LUX
    Houdini 3D software provided courtesy of Side Effects Software Inc.
    Amazon 3D Paint software provided courtesy of Interactive Effects

    Special Thanks to: Steve Gray, Greg Hermanovic, Don Miskowich, Judith Crow, Ryan Ulyate, Mark Elendt, Tom Benoist, Scott Michelson, Ronda Taylor, Martha Mack, Jon Mack, Ray Mack

Animation / Video Overview: