“ShapeShifter” by Charlex

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  • Charlex


    “ShapeShifter”, is a work of love created by Charlex Studios in New York.

    Alex Weil directed this “visual poem”, which features narration by actor Gabriel Byrne.

Additional Contributors:

    Narration: Gabriel Byrne
    3D Lead/Lead Animator: Adam Burke
    Lead Animator/Animation Development: John Karian
    Lead Compositing Artist: Jesse Newman
    Executive Producer: Chris Byrnes
    Producer: Reece Ewing
    CG Supervisors: Keith McCabe, Myung Lee
    Lead Lighter: Salar Saleh
    Lead Character TD: Steve Mann
    Lead Modeler: Alex Cheparev
    Lighting/Texturing: Mike Marsek, James Fisher, John Cook, Frank Grecco, Cesar Kuriyama, Keith McMenamy, Anthony Patti, Tom Cushwa, Jina Lee, Jeff Chavez
    Matte Painting: Jina Lee
    Modeling: Hung Ma, Chin Lee, Anthony Patti
    Animation: John Wilson, Sam Crees, Jay Randall, Carlos Sandoval
    Rigging: Andre Stuppert, Charles Leguen, Andrei Savu
    FX: Greg Ecker, Johnathan Nixon, Mitch Deoudes, Santosh Gunaseelan
    Editors: John Zawisha, Kevin Matuszewski
    Compositing: Blake Huber
    Director of Engineering: Robert Muzer
    Chief Engineer: Jerry Stephano
    Pipeline: Michael Stella, Dan Schneider
    Coordinating Producer for the Director: Jen Cadic
    Additional Editor: Eli Mavros
    Music Composition: Peter Lauridsen, Stimmun
    Sound Design: Andres Velasquez, Stimmun
    EP of Audio: Ceinwyn Clark, Stimmun
    Mix: Fernando Ascani
    Headroom Associate Producer: Michael Kaufman

Animation / Video Overview: