“Sears Tools – Arboretum” by Method Studios

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    Sears Tools - Arboretum


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Method Studios


    Created by Y&R Chicago, Sears Tools “Arboretum” brings to life the love for spring and the backyard pleasures that go with it with stunning 2D and 3D visual effects from Method Studios. Lead 2D VFX Artist Cedric Nicolas, along with Laurent Ledru, Method’s CG creative director, worked in close collaboration with director Rupert Sanders to seamlessly blend mechanistic elements into a natural environment. Using real ferns, lilies, and other flora as reference, the artists made the plants look as if they were composed of metal, plastic, rubber, and other non-organic materials. Within the two-month produc-tion schedule, the team progressed from pre-visualization of 2D drawings to a live-action world and an intensive period of CG modeling of the 3D objects using Autodesk Maya and mental ray, including much image-based lighting to create optimal reflection and light impact for the spot.


    Autodesk Maya, mental ray

Additional Contributors:

    Lead 2D VFX Artist: Cedric Nicolas

    CG Creative Director: Laurent Ledru

    CG Technical Supervisor: Gil Baron

    3D VFX Artists: Chi-Wei Hsu, Chris Smallfield, Dan Dixon, John Baker, Marco Iozzi, Pasha Ivanov, Reza Rasou, Scott Metzger, Seong Joon Lee

    Technical Director: Andrew Bell

    Junior 2D VFX Artists: Katrina Salicrup, Sarah Eim

    Visual Effects Executive Producer: Neysa Horsburgh

    Head of Production: Sue Troyan

    Visual Effects Producer: Rich Rama

    Director: Rupert Sanders

    Director of Photography: Chris Soos

    Production Design/Art Direction: James Chinlund

    Agency: Young & Rubicam

    Creative Director: Nancy Hannon

    Art Director: Isabella Ferreira

    Agency Producer: Kim Mohan

    Copywriter: Pete Figel

    Production Company: MJZ

    Executive Producer: Lisa Rich

    Producer: Kim Shapiro

    Editorial Company: The White House

    Editor: Neal Smith

    Telecine Company: Syndicate

    Colorist: Beau Leon

Animation / Video Overview: