“Samuroid Zero: Evil Does Not Conquer All” by Polygon Pictures Inc.

  • ©Yuichi Abe


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    Samuroid Zero: Evil Does Not Conquer All




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Polygon Pictures Inc.


    On an unknown planet, in the distant future, it is a time of war. Four ninjas, including a beautiful but mysterious girl named Kureha, set out on a quest to recover relics that, legend says, will bring peace to the land. Their mission is to seek out a 500-year-old warrior, an invin-cible samurai who served the last emperor of peace and now guards the Three Holy Relics. Sent by the evil warlord Ieshiro, the ninjas must attempt to destroy the samurai and return with the relics so that Ieshiro can rule the world. As their adventure unfolds, Kureha learns that her past and the samurai’s are bound together; to destroy him would be to destroy herself. Fully rendered in 3D and featuring an astounding new anime design, “Samuroid Zero” is the latest fea-ture from the award-winning production house, Polygon Pictures.


    Dell Precision 360


    Avid DS version 7.01, Maya 5.0 Unlimited, After Effects 6.0

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Yuichi Abe


    Producer: Sumiji Miyake, Micott & Basara Inc.

    Producers: Shuzo John Shiota, Polygon Pictures Inc., Hideyuki Yamakuni, Micott & Basara Inc.

    Character Production Design: Tohru Patrick Awa

    CG Supervisor: Takashi Nagasaki, Polygon Pictures Inc.

    Animation Director: Minoru Okamoto, Polygon Pictures Inc.