“Rolie Polie Olie” by Novak

  • ©Dave Novak


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    Rolie Polie Olie


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Windlight Studios


    Rolie Polie Olie pulls his wagon along the sidewalk delivering newspapers. Unbeknownst to Rolie, his dog, Spot, thinks it’s a game of fetch. The “game” continues, until Spot jumps innocently onto a baby carriage, inducing a barrage of finger wagging from the mother and neighbor. Authorand creator, William Joyce, is achildren’s book writer and illustra-tor living in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Windlight Studios
    Concept/Character Design: William Joyce
    Client: Nelvana Entertainment
    Computer Animation: Windlight Studios
    Animation Director: Dave Novak
    Technical Direction: Dave Novak and Matt Durante
    Producer: Kelly McManus
    Animation: Ron Pitts, Brian Newlin, Peter Hudecki
    Models: Orie Hegre, David Nelson, Kevin Ochs
    Color & Lighting: Dave Novak
    Sound Design: Nelvana Entertainment
    Sound Bed Excerpts: Beau Hunks/Roy Shields Music Company
    Special Thanks to: William Joyce, Jennifer Stephenson, Glenn Barna, Fred Luchetti, Toper Taylor, Joan Staveley, Don Bajus
    Based on characters by William Joyce
    Copyright 1997 Nelvana Limited

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