“Red Corner – Making of” by Avnet

  • ©Jon Avnet  Digital Domain, Inc.



    Red Corner - Making of


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Digital Domain, Inc.


    Due to production constraints and the impracticality of location-photography, Digital Domain, under the supervision of Kevin Mack and Director John Avnet, brought the wonder and majesty of China’s National Monument to life using 3D painting techniques, featuring CG kite animation and seamless compositing.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Jon Avnet, Jordan Kerner, Rosalie Swedlin
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Kevin Mack
    Visual Effects Producer: Julian Levi
    Digital Compositing Supervisor: Jammie Friday
    Tracking Supervisor: Vernon R. Wilbert Jr.
    Digital Compositors: Mimi Abers, Rick Dunn, Craig Halperin, Lawrence Hess, Jeff Olm, Hudson Shock, Sonja Burchard
    Digital Matte Artists: Shannan Burkley, Roger Gibbon, David Bleich, Wayne John Haag
    Digital Kite Animation: Eric Barba, Michael Fadollone
    Digital Artists: Danny Braet, Swen Gillberg
    Rotoscope Artists: Robert Andrew David Frick I, Tamara Nobles, Byron Werner
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Kelly L’estrange
    Digital Effects Coordinator: Lisa Spence Lissak
    Disk Space Coordinators: Stephen Gurley, Allyse Manoff
    Visual Effects Editors: Allen Cappuccilli, Debra Wolff
    Projectionist: Jim Smith
    Scan/Record Manager: Joseph Goldstone
    Scan/Record Supervisor: Chris Holsey
    Scan/Record Operator: Chad E. Collier
    Color Grading Supervisor: Jeff Kalmus
    Technical Assistants: Alan Precourt, Grant Viklund
    Creative Supervisor: Price Pethel
    Executive In Charge Of VFX Production: Nancy Bernstein
    Special thanks to all the Digital Domain support staff

Animation / Video Overview: