“Quest (A Long Ray’s Journey into Light)” by Sciulli, Arvo and White

  • ©Michael Sciulli, James (Jim) Arvo, and Melissa White



    Quest (A Long Ray's Journey into Light)



    A special animated character travels to a world of ray traced 3-D color images and returns to transform his monochromatic 2-D homeland into a colorful 3-D world.

    Demonstrates illumination by refracted light, rippling water, use of patterns and textures and computer-generated sound all created on a distributed processing network of Apollo workstations.

Additional Contributors:

    M. Allard, C. Bremser, J. Francis, J. Graber, B. Hashizume, K. Hinckley, P. Hunt, D. Husak, M. Kane, M. Keil, A. Lopez, M. Matter, R. Mcleod, G. Mitsuoka, F. O’Conner, E. Peters, S. Reber, G. Rose, E. Schooler, C. Scofield, K. Severson, M. Shebeli, R. Stenzel and S. Swiniarski.

Animation / Video Overview: