“Quelqu’un d’autre” by Bosz, Kerninon, Van Opstal and Masse

  • ©F. Bosz, J.C. Kerninon, Baptiste Van Opstal, and B. Masse  One Plus One and Supinfocom


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Quelqu’un d’autre




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • One Plus One
  • Supinfocom


    An old caretaker, a little mad, is experimenting with the objects in her surroundings that upset her.


    HARDWARE: PC/Intel 3 GHz (single) and 1.5 GHz (dual) CPU, 1 GB RAM.
    Rendering farm: 10 CPUs. Graphics card: Geforce 3.


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Modeling, animation, and dynamics: Maya 4.5. Rendering: Maya 4.5,
    Mental Ray 1.5 beta. Compositing: Digital Fusion, Adobe After
    Effects 5. Additional software: Edit, Sound Forge 4, Premiere 6,
    Photoshop 6. OS: Windows 2000.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Supinfocom Valenciennes
    Contributors: One Plus One

Additional Information:

    Modeling: polygons. Rendering technique used most: Mental Ray And final gathering, no HDRI. Some sets were rendered in bigger size and camera mapped to earn time in heavy sequences. Average CPUtime for rendering per frame: approximately 15 minutes, some up to30 minutes. Total production time: one year, plus approximately three months pre production. Production highlight: There were four direc-tors on the movie. We wrote the story and the storyboard together.Everybody did some modeling on the set, but then everybody did what he does best. Three guys were on the animation, character modeling, and skinning, and one guy was on the rendering and lighting. Maya scripts were written to make some set animation better.

Animation / Video Overview: