“PlanetSide 2: Death is No Excuse” by Wilson

  • ©Dave Wilson  Blur Studio


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    PlanetSide 2: Death is No Excuse




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Blur Studio


    Prepare for one helluva ride as Blur teams up with Sony Online Entertainment to bring to life a never-ending, grueling, grind-it- out-battle fought by thousands. On Auraxis, on the battlefield, let your guard down for even a moment, and it’s all over.

Additional Contributors:

    Creative Director: Tim Miller
    CG Supervisor: Corey Butler
    Animation Supervisor: Hubert Daniel
    FX Supervisor: Kirby Miller
    Producer: Tiffany Webber
    Executive Producer: Al Shier
    Layout: David Nibbelin, Hubert Daniel, Kyle Gaulin, William “Rocky” Vanoost, Bastian Wartenberg
    Character Modeling Lead: Shaun Absher
    Character Modeling: Alessandro Baldasseroni, Nicolas Collings, Francisco Cortina, Eric Durante, Chris Grim, James Ku, Alex Litchinko
    Rigging Lead: Enoch Ihde
    Rigging: Steven Alley, Chris Boylan, Justin Callanan, Ben Durkin, Bryan Hillestad, Jeremie Passerin, Brent Wiley
    Animation Lead: William “Rocky” Vanoost
    Animation: Kyle Gaulin, Warren Grubb, Jeremiah Izzard, Jon Vener
    Hair Styling: Danny Young
    Environment Modeling: Darren Butler, Marek Denko, Eric Durante, Mike Johnson, Kris Kaufman, Olivier Vernay-Kim, Dan Woje
    Prop and Vehicle Modeling: Zack Cork, Marek Denko, Jinho Jang, Peter Sanitra
    Lighting and Compositing Lead: Darren Butler
    Lighting and Compositing: James Atilano, Simon Blanc, Eric Durante, Mike Johnson, Dan Woje, Olivier Vernay-Kim
    FX: Daniel Chamberlin, John Kosnik, Johanes Kurnia, Seung Jae Lee, Matt Radford, Brandon Riza
    Production Coordinator: Jessie King
    Motion Capture: Brian McKee, Anthony Romero
    Layout TD: Brian McKee
    Technical and QC: Justin Callanan, Zack Cork, Chris Grim, Jennifer Hendrich, Bryan Hillestad, Enoch Ihde, Brent Wiley
    Concept Design: Sean McNally, Joshua Shaw, Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Tom Zhao
    Matte Painting: Dylan Cole
    Production Assistant: Amanda Powell
    Tools and Scripts: Brendan Abel, Mike Hendricks
    Programming and Systems Administration: Duane Powell, Jeremy Donahue, Paul Huang, Matt Newell
    Sound Design and Mix: Gary Zacuto
    Music: Robert Cairns
    Mocap Facility: Just Cause Productions
    Mocap Coordinator/Choreography: Philip Silvera
    Mocap Talent: Roberto Gutierrez, Steven Oyoung, Philip Silvera, Steve Upton
    Mocap Rigging/Equipment: Action Factory, LLC, Dumenigo Inc., GXW Productions Inc., Joe Ross, Trampas Thompson

Animation / Video Overview: