“Picciotti Della Benavita” by Bonsaininja Studio

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    Picciotti Della Benavita

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  • Bonsaininja Studio


    Bonsaininja Studio wrote, directed, and produced this music video for the Italian musician and producer AntiAnti, featuring the rapper Caparezza.

    “Picciotti Della Benavita” is a story about politics, Mafia, bribed authorities, vintage Italian cars, and pin-striped suits.

    Live-action shooting, motion-graphics effects, 3D animations, matte-painting techniques, and a lot of irony were used to depict decades of genuine Italian corruption and immorality in this action-packed gangster music video.


    Final Cut, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Maya, Cinema 4D

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Bonsaininja Studio

    Cast: Frankie Bisbiglio, Davide Pavanello (a.k.a. AntiAnti), Mickey Capafresca, Michele Salvemini (a.k.a. Caparezza), Jimmy Basetta, Diego Perrone (a.k.a. Diegone)

    The Inspector: Edoardo Favetti

    The Mayor: Nicola Sangermano

    The Priest: Emiliano Audisio

    The Protestants: Paolo Pavanello, Christian Montanarella

    The Politician: Angelo Spinelli

    Story, Direction, Production, Art Direction, Technical Direction, CGI, Animation: Bonsaininja Studio

    Music: AntiAnti featuring Caparezza

    Director of Photography: Marco Sirignano

    Production Manager: Simone Colombo

    Costumes and Make-Up: Parte Utile

    Production: Bonsaininja Studio/Metatron Group

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