“Pepsiman “Montage”” by Beck and Howie

  • ©Steve Beck and Wade Howie  Industrial Light & Magic



    Pepsiman “Montage”


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    An aluminum superhero dedicates himself to wiping out thirst! “Pepsiman” is a highly-detailed human character, performing a wide range of athletic activities, from surfing to boxing. His “action-figure” antics push the boundaries of the CG model, while his “chrome” body reflects his constantly changing environment in each scene.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Industrial Light & Magic
    Special Visual Effects by Industrial Light & Magic
    A Division of Lucas Digital Ltd. Marin County, California
    Producer: Paul Hill
    Production Manager: Laura Schifrin
    Production Coordinator: Jon Forst
    Production Assistants: Adrienne Anderson, Regina Gong, Kay Rough
    Post Supervisors: Diane Caliva, Yukiko Ishawata, Lori Muttersbach
    Effects Supervisor: Wade Howie
    Lead Technical Director: Wade Howie
    Technical Directors: Eran Barnea, Aron Bonar, Billy Brooks, Simon Cheung, Leandro Estebecorena, Doug MacMillan, Kirk McInroy, Kim Thompson, Alan Rosenfeld
    Lead Animators: Paul Griffin, Kirk McInroy
    Animators: Ismail Acar, Marc Chu, Tim Harrington, Tori Livingstone, Neil Michka, Steve Rawlins, Trish Schutz, Tim Stevenson, Marjolaine Tremblay, Jamy Wheless
    Viewpainter: Drew Klausner
    Rotoscoper/Viewpainters: Derek Gillingham, Drew Klausner, Rebecca Petrulli-Heskes
    Enveloper: Rick Grandy
    Sock/Enveloping: Kevin Reuter
    Modeler/Enveloper: Simon Cheung
    Additional Model Chaining: James Tooley
    Additional Modeling: Paul Theren
    Model Hands: Dan Taylor
    Lead Matchmover: Guy Hudson
    Matchmovers: Keith Johnson, Alia Agha
    Bump Mattes: Doug MacMillan
    CG Resource Assistants: Dan Brimer, Dani Morrow, Matt Wallin, Erin West, Michael Keating
    Video Technical Assistants: Jennifer Gonzalez, Carole Johnson, Heidi Schmidt
    Head of CG Commercials: John Benson
    CG Commercials Manager: Paul Nightingale
    CGC Production Manager: Sandra Scott
    CGC Production Coordinators: Amy Beresford, Kay Rough

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