“Pandora’s Chain” by Barr, Barzel, Lengyel, Snyder and Von Herzen

  • ©Alan H. Barr, Ronen Barzel, Jed Lengyel, John M. Snyder, and Brian Von Herzen  California Institute of Technology



    Pandora's Chain




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  • California Institute of Technology


    A new technique for computer graphics modeling and ani­ mation is demonstrated called “Dynamics Constraints:• The technique is applicable to simulating the self-assembly and dynamic behavior of mechanical elements, maintaining geometric constraints on the configuration. The constraints are met by applying the appropriate internal forces between the elements of the structures. Constraint-based physical and dynamic modeling tools offer an improvement over con­ ventional modeling techniques, for controlling intricate motions.

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    CREATED BY: California Institute of Technology, Computer Science Graphics Group: Alan Barr, Ronen Barzel,Jed Lengyel,John Snyder, Brian
    Von Herzen

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    FORMAT: 1″ NTSC Video

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