“Oddworld Stranger CG Intro” by Lanning

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    Oddworld Stranger CG Intro




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  • Oddworld Inhabitants


    In the Mongo River Valley, water privatization has brutally depleted and displaced its native inhabitants. These dire circumstances are of little concern to Stranger, a bounty hunter focused on his own savagely guarded secrets. He gathers living ammunition (giving new meaning to the term “live ammo”) in a garden of graves to prepare for the bounty ahead. In a flash of fur and a series of deft maneuvers,he turns the tables and fells his Outlaw, making it clear who is hunt-ing whom. Back at the bounty store, he claims his due. As he steps out, ready for the next Outlaw, this stranger is completely unaware of his fate and its inevitable collision with that of the Mongo River Valley.


    HARDWARE: PC/Intel dual XEON 2.8 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM. Rendering farm: 42
    CPUs. Graphics card: FireGL 2. OTHER: Our latest rendering system
    includes Angstrom’s Opteron Hyperblades.


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Modeling, animation, and rendering: Maya 4.5. Dynamics: Maya 4.5,
    custom plug-ins. Compositing: Shake 2.51. Additional software:
    Photoshop 7.0, Combustion 3.0. Custom software: Custom plug-ins
    and scripts for dynamic hair and particles, and pipeline/productivity
    tools. OS: RedHat Linux.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Josh Heeren
    Art Director: Raymond Swanland
    Production Designers: Raymond Swanland, Silvio Aebischer
    Animator: Rich McKain
    Technical Director: Iain Morton
    CG Tools Programmer: Rob Tesdahl
    Editor: Josh Heeren
    Sound Designer/Composer: Michael Bross
    Voices: Lorne Lanning, Michael Bross

Additional Information:

    Modeling: polygons, some NURBS. Rendering technique used most:Maya renderer. Average CPU time for rendering per frame: 25 min-utes. Total production time: 180 days. Production highlight: The Entire sequence was created with one CG artist, one animator, oneCG tools programmer, and one production designer. Matte paintings were used extensively to achieve the desired look and feel of the sequence.

Animation / Video Overview: