“Nullarbor” by Lockhart and Sarell

  • ©Alister Lockhart and Patrick Sarell






    An animated short film set in the vast and barren landscape of Australia’s Nullarbor Plain.

    Bernie is a brash young punk driving his hyped-up car across the plain; Waddy is a laid-back old ‘digger’ driving his antique jalopy to nowhere in particular. After a bout of road rage, a tortoise-and-hare race ensues.

Additional Contributors:

    Writer/Co-Director: Patrick Sarell
    Producers: Katrina Mathers, Merrin Jensen, Patrick Sarell, Daryl Munton
    CG Supervisor: Daryl Munton
    Animation Director: Patrick Sarell
    Animators: Jasper Parker Trenfield, Patrick Sarell, Adrian Moyes, Tara Soerjadhi
    Lead Lighting and Look Development: Daryl Munton, Adrian Watkins
    Lighting Artists: Li Chao Wang, Julia Shub
    Effects Artists: Daryl Munton, Dudley Birch, Adrian Moyes
    Composite Artists: Daryl Munton, Adrian Watkins, Julia Shub
    Lead Modeller: Adrian Moyes
    Asset Creation: Adrian Moyes, Stephen Painter, Dulshan Keragala, Matthew Donnici, Jasmine Weber, Damian Sanchez, Julia Shub
    Textures: Matthew Donnici
    Environments and Matte Painting: Dudley Birch
    Character Design: Alister Lockhart, Adrian Moyes
    Asset Design: Bernard Whitcher
    Storyboards: Alister Lockhart
    Editor: Paul Damien Williams
    Colourist: Daniel Stonehouse
    Editorial Management: Adrian Watkins
    Sound Design and Mix: Matt Bauer
    Guitar Composition: Damian Whitty
    Orchestral Composition: Gregory Shaw
    Programming and Tools Development: Ari Biantes
    Render and Technical Advisor: Risto Puukko

Animation / Video Overview: