“Nokia Focus Group” by Masters

  • ©David Masters  The Mill



    Nokia Focus Group


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Mill


    This viral video features a group of men being watched and filmed from behind a one-way mirror at an undisclosed location. Then something unprecedented happens as our protagonist begins to change into various animated objects before morphing into the Nokia N900 mobile computer.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Michael Richards
    Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide
    Creative: David Masters
    Original Concept: Matt McConaghy
    DOP: Adam Hall
    Production Company: Jack Morton Worldwide
    Editing Company: Bravo Post Production
    Editor: Brian Dowd
    Post Production: The Mill
    VFX Producer: Luke Colson
    After Effects: Henry Foreman
    Shake/Nuke: Rod Norman
    Final Cut Editor: James Mortner
    3D Supervisor: Francois Roisin, Fabrice Le Nezet, Jules Janaud
    3D: François Roisin, Fabrice Le Nezet, Jules Janaud
    Sound Production: Fitzrovia Post Production

Animation / Video Overview: