“Nobel Center” by Dans Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

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    Nobel Center

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Dans Digital Technology Co., Ltd.


    This architectural visualization uses 3D graphics to reveal the creation and placement of the Nobel Center, an office building developed and constructed by China Railway that is considered by some to be a perfect combination of modern construction techniques and architectural art.

    In order to bring out a strong sense of technology and imperialism, the director adopted massive mechanical theories to show the details of the architecture and reveal its exquisiteness and quality.


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Additional Contributors:

    Director: Deng Bohong

    Modeling: Yang Bo, Liu Hao, Tang Mengyu, Wei Jing

    Live-Action Shooting: Yang Bo, Xu Guibing

    Animators: Yang Bo, Tang Mengyu, Liu Hao

    Animated Titles: Lei Zhijun

    Editors: Deng Bohong

    Compositor: Xu Guanghao

    Mixer: Deng Bohong

    Customer Service: Zhou Cuixia

    System & Network: Xu Guibing

    Production: DANS

Animation / Video Overview: