“No Time For Nuts” by Blue Sky Studios

  • ©Chris Renaud and Michael Thurmeier  Blue Sky Studios



    No Time For Nuts


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Blue Sky Studios


    While trying to bury his nut in the Ice Age, Scrat uncovers a frozen time machine. When he accidentally activates the machine, he goes on a hilarious adventure, chasing his precious nut through time.

Additional Contributors:

    Directed by: Chris Renaud, Michael Thurmeier

    Produced by: John C. Donkin, Lori Forte

    Story by: Chris Renaud

    Executive Producers: Chris Wedge, Carlos Saldanha, Christopher Meledandri

    Editor: James M. Palumbo

    Art Director: Michael Knapp

    Music Composed by: Christopher Ward

    Sound Design / Sound Supervisor: Sean Garnhart

    Scrat Voiced by: Chris Wedge

Animation / Video Overview: