“Nike “Presto 04”” by Motion Theory

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    Nike “Presto 04”



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  • Motion Theory


    “Nike Presto 04” puts art into motion in urban landscapes. After the backgrounds were filmed in Tokyo and Shanghai, artists were filmed on stage in Los Angeles. The still works were then recreated usingMaya and composited with the backgrounds. The piece features numerous forms of animation. Sometimes, we see the artists creating the original work, seemingly painting straight onto the cityscape.Other times, the animation seems to walk among the crowds, orbetween buildings.

    The piece centers around a colossal DJ who spins records on a building-sized turntable, pumping out sound through massive speakers to create the beat of the city and the music that brings the art to life. Playful robots interact with geometric shapes and organic illustrations, all toward the goal of combining sound landform, and capturing the spirit of the art, landscape, and culture.


    HARDWARE: PC Intel dual 2.4 GHz CPU, 1.5 GB RAM.


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Modeling, animation, rendering, and dynamics: Maya 4.5.
    Compositing: After Effects. Additional software: boujou 1/3.

Additional Contributors:

    Creative Director: Mathew Cullen
    Editors: Mark Hoffman, Jutta Reichardt
    Artists: Skwerm, Sasu, Frek
    Designers: Kaan Atilla, Irene Park, John Clark, Tom Bradley, Tom Bruno, Ryan Alexander, Chris De St. Jeor, Bridget McKahan, Mark Kudsi, Mike Slane, Shihlin Wu, Michael Steinmann, Brad Watanabe

Additional Information:

    Modeling: NURBS for non-human characters, polygons, and subdivision surfaces for humans. Rendering technique used most:Maya renderer. Average rendering CPU time per frame: 5 minutes.Total production time: 45 days.

Animation / Video Overview: