“Nike “Freedom 1 & 2”” by Hoffman

  • ©Anthony Hoffman


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Nike “Freedom 1 & 2”




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Pixel Envy, Inc.


    The evil forces of conformity attempt to stifle the way the boys play soccer and the joy of soccer itself. But our heroes are on the horizon. Nakata, Henry, and Seoul burst into the stadium and control room, and commander The System. As our heroes elude the nefarious men in black, The System lands at the feet of one boy who must make the decision of his life: stay with The System or reject it?

    The boys and the men in black were modeled and animated in Maya. All live action was shot against blue screen.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Cherie Appleby
    Principal 3D Artist: Colin Strause
    Animators: Joshua Cordes, Jeremy Butler, Michael McCormick
    Senior 3D Artist: Rina Osamura
    Principal 2D Artist: Bill Kunin
    2D Artists: Wongdamloeng Wong Savun, Alan Latteri
    VFX Supervisors: Greg Strause, Mat Beck
    Post Producer: Tonia Wallander
    3D Artists: Chris Eckardt, Yoshiya Yamada, Michael McCormick, Brian Bell, Dan Knight, Chris Eckardt, Kaori Miyazawa

Animation / Video Overview: