“Night Fishing with Cormorants” by Independent Artist

  • ©Betsy Kopmar  Independent Artist



    Night Fishing with Cormorants


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  • Independent Artist


    This animation is a very loose and abstract meditation, inspired in part by the 17th Century Japanese screen painting by Kano Tanyu, Night Fishing with Cormorants, and by the very stark and beautiful novel of Akira Yoshimura, Shipwrecks. I am not telling a naturalistic story in this piece, but rather I have tried to make a work that can hold in equal reverence the spirit of the bird, the fish, and the fisherman.

    I work very free-form in Cinema 4D, drawing and moving around as if painting on a large canvas. Then I mix these 3D renders in the real-time VJ software Modul8 in a type of visualist jam session. Audio is added later.


    Cinema 4D, Modul8, After Effects

Additional Contributors:

    Director/Producer: Betsy Kopmar

    Authors: Betsy Kopmar, Andreas Ecker

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