“Nature Sweet Triage” by Passion Pictures

  • ©Pierre Coffin and Darren Walsh  Passion Pictures


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    Nature Sweet Triage




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Passion Pictures


    This commercial features a selection of real Nature Sweet tomatoes in the produce section of a grocery store. The lights go down as the store closes, and the camera pans up to reveal a group of animated tomato characters in what looks like the emergency room of a hospi-tal. It is a scene of carnage. Scores of damaged tomatoes are being treated by a surgeon and some nurses. X-rays reveal that some of the tomatoes have internal injuries. The surgeon exclaims: “Don’t these people know you can’t tell what a tomato tastes like by squeezing it?” Another doctor is treating a character with a head contusion, who is barking like a dog. “Stop the abuse,” says the title. “It’s easy to pick a tomato that tastes home grown. Just pick Nature Sweet.”


    Maya, MacGuff Ligne proprietary software

Additional Contributors:

    Directors: Pierre Coffin, Darren Walsh

    Producer: Samantha Plaisted


    The Richards Group: Glenn Dady, Tina Johnson, Ashley Bull, Lynn Louria, Amanda Courria

    Passion Pictures: Jean Poisson, Alexandre Meliava, Nicolas Trout, Hugo Sands, Elisabeth Patte, Gael Matchabelli, Lucas Valerie, Jerome Gordon, Mathieu Gros, Xavier de l’Hermuziere, Mathieu Trintzius, Julien Caillaud, Bruno Pierron, Alain Duval, Eric Adelheim, Magalie Barraban

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