“Natalis” by Brkovic and Kuehn

  • ©Daniel Brkovic and Jan-Marcel Kuehn





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg


    While walking through a tropical forest, Ea, a semi-humanoid of semi-technical origin, discovers a strange plant that encloses a human embryo. As she touches the plant, Ea experiences a vision. The embryo develops into Enki, an insatiable monster that destroys the entire world.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Philipp Wolf
    Surfacing/ Render Pipline (TD): Karsten Wagenknecht
    Rigging TD/Animation Pipeline: Tom Ferstl
    Effects TD: David Kirchner
    Original Idea by: Felix Mertikat
    Compositing: Johannes Peter
    Music: Johannes Helberger
    Sound Design: Felipe Sanchez
    Sound Mix: Andreas Mühlschlegel
    Cast: Evi Puji Rejeki Riecken, Tom Ferstl
    Animation: Linus Stetter, Tatiana Pushkarova Letty, Felgendreher, Daniel Brkovic, Jan-Marcel Kühn, Kyra Buschor
    Facial Motion Capture System Supervisor: Thibaut Weise
    Motion Capture System Supervisor: Jochen Bomm
    Motion Capture System Assistant: Tilman Waegner
    Modeling/ Texturing: Daniel Brkovic, Jan-Marcel Kühn, Kyra Buschor
    Concept Design: Felix Mertikat, Daniel Brkovic, Bin-Han To
    Editing: Daniel Brkovic, Jan-Marcel Kühn
    Editing Consultant: Matthias Scharfi
    Matte Painting: Carmen Büchner
    Additional Shading: Markus Kranzler (TD), Daniel Brkovic
    Additional Effects (TD): Thomas Hartmann
    Additional Compositing: Roland Petrizza, David Kirchner
    Additional Rigging (TD): Christoph Westphal
    Additional Asset Creation: Christian Hertwig

Animation / Video Overview: