“MutantLand” by Tippett

  • ©Phil Tippett  Tippett Studio





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Tippett Studio


    As the sun goes down in dark and terrifying MutantLand, hunters are lured into a forbidden zone in their quest for food, only to find themselves candidates for the main course.

    This short trailer is a “sneak” look at an idea percolating at Tippett Studios.

Additional Contributors:

    Story: Phil Tippett
    Producer: John Dunlap
    Executive Producer: Jules Roman
    Voice: William Groebe
    Original Music: John Dunlap, Neal Hoover, M. Stevens
    Editor: Shannon Hullender
    Sound Mixers: Julian Kwasneski, William Storkson
    Art Direction and VFX: Supervisor, Mark Dubeau
    CG Supervisor and VFX Co-Supervisor: Ben Von Zastrow
    Pre-Production Look Development/CG Supervisor: Aharon Bourland
    Lead Animator: William Groebe
    Senior Animators: Hans Brekke, Tom Gibbons
    Lead Character Setup: Eric Baker
    Lead Modeler: Jack Kim
    Layout: Kirk Larkins
    Lead Lighting: Dave Gutman, Cory Redmond
    Lead Compositor: Chris Morley
    Publicist: Lori Petrini

Animation / Video Overview: