“Mr. Hops” by Townley

  • ©Jon Townley


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Mr. Hops


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Metrolight Studios


    This upbeat interpretation of the brewing process shows Mr. Hops about to take the plunge. Proprietary facial animation and water effects courtesy of MetroLight’s crack artist-technicians.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: MetroLight Studios
    Executive Producer: Dobbie Schiff
    Producer: George Merkert
    Creative Director/Director: Jon Townley
    Animation Director: Steve Martino
    Producer: George Merkert
    Character Design: Cliff Iwai
    StoryboardArtist: Keith Tucker
    Production Designer: Michael Scheffe
    Lead Technical Director: Jim Hillin
    Senior Technical Director for Color and Lighting: Steve Skinner
    Senior Technical Director for Color and Lighting and Special Visual Effects: Jerry Weil
    Technical Directors for Color and Lighting: Todd Gantzler and Brian Bowman
    Technical Director for Character Animation: George Karl
    Lip Sync: Greg Ercolano
    Environmental Modeling: Mike Merrell
    Character Modeling: Eduardo Batres
    Software Design: Rob Rosenblum, Cliff Bret: